Glow with the Show/Made with Magic Skirt by @MinnesotaMinnie

Submitted by khyizang on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 13:09

MinnesotaMinnie's dress at EpcotToo burned out last night to deal with soldering wires and header pins, I took to Social Media to see what I could find. 

Among the treasures discovered last night is this Skirt Hack shared by @MinnesotaMinnie on Twitter.  Please excuse the lousy picture.  I took a screen shot from the Epcot video.  Those are always hard to get a good one that also features the important elements.  Follow this link to another video of her skirt taken during Fantasmic.  The inspiration for this hack was an Instructable hack.  I'm guessing it was this one.

She was kind enough to share a few details about the construction.  You can check out that conversation on either her timeline or mine.  In essence, she started with the Glove product and stripped out the Made With Magic (MWM) components.  Then the attached light pipes were removed and replaced with fiber optic strands which are held in place using glue and shrink wrap.  

A case was sewn to serve as a removable attachment to the garment.  In the picture, the Glove's familiar row of 4 LEDs is visible and look at the distance she got for illumination of those fiber optics!  I've messed with those a bit and haven't gotten nearly such impressive  results!  Wonder what type fibers she used?

I've invited @MinnesotaMinnie to come and add some more details about her hack.  Looking forward to hear what else she has to share.