Rivers of Light Totem Wand - v 1.1

Totem wand components

This is a tear down of the Rivers of Light Totem Wand, the most recently released Made with Magic product. The Totem wand is intended to complement the Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom but will work any where Made with Magic is supported.

It's also a Made with Magic controller, just like the Sorcerer's Wand and Magic Paintbrush.

Rivers of Light Glow Wand - first glance

Rivers of Light Wand Display

A first impression of the new Made with Magic product for the new Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom in Orlando.

Although the new wand controls other Made with Magic products like the previous Wand and Paintbrush, the Rivers of Light Wand is a noticeable departure from previous Made with Magic products in several respects.

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