Powering Made With Magic devices

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"Dead Batteries Tell no Tales"
-Ancient Pirate Wisdom

The key to understanding how Made With Magic products are powered, and subsequently their capabilities, lies within the specs of the TI TPS61221 low voltage boost converter

This article shares some highly unscientific findings about some of the different ways to power your gizmos. Really useful info for folks intending to hack these things.

Chernabog Sipper Cup - v1.42

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Chernabog Sipper CupSince July 17th, 2015, the Chernabog Sipper Cup has been available at selected Disneyland kiosks. It's main function is a drink container and Chernabog is featured in the Fantasmic show, so you'll find this in the carts and kiosks around the Rivers of America and not in the merchandise stores.   You might even catch site of them over at the Blue Bayou as you sail by on your way to your pirate adventure.  I've seen them there towards the center of the back wall of the restaurant.

Here, the components are disassembled and examined for unique features.

Reimagining MWM devices for Christmas, part 5: Chernabog to Castle

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Creator: khyizang 3D puzzle lit by Chernabog MWM
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Notes: A Chernabog Sipper Cup was relieved of it's Made With Magic components and they were transferred to the base of a 3D castle puzzle. Aligned directly under the turrets, it gives a pleasant effect. Hold on to the Chernabog piece. We'll get back to him on Halloween.