Ear Hat - Connected 3.0

Ear Hat 3.0The newest Ear Hats, Connected 3.0, are a radical departure from the previous Ear Hats.  First off, they have a new pattern.  Pass.  They aren't as tall as the previous version.  The last ones were around 3" tall and these look to be around 2.5" tall.  Both have the same diameter, around 7" but the new ones have a lot less foam liner.  The upside of that change is that they may fit some adult heads a little better.

First Impressions of the new Connected 3.0 Ear Hats

A new chapter begins

I've been kicking the tires on the new Ear Hats for the last couple of days.  Lots of new stuff to talk about.  I'll leave some of it for the eventual teardown but I want to rattle off some of my observations while they're still fresh in memory.  And we just had the first Disney broadcast that includes Made with Magic support for these new hats.  I've got some observations on that, too.