Audience sports Made with Magic Ears on Dancing with the Stars

2017 DWTS crowd wearing Ear Hats

Heard it was going to be 'Disney Night' on ABC's Dancing with the Stars.  So I tuned in to see if they would feature any Made with Magic products.  It's not unusual for Disney to do so somewhere within their Disney themed specials. 

Didn't have to wait long to be rewarded.  Audience was fully decked out in the newest version of the Ear Hats.  Started off with all of them in an off state but they came to life before the getting too far into the opening number.  And just to make sure no one missed the nature of those Ear Hats, they turned down the lights to really let them shine.

2017 DWTS Disney Night dark room shot

Now, if we could just get that many people flying some sort of Made with Magic product in the Parks, that would really be nice!