News for March


Glove discount

Mickey glove

Checking what Made With Magic merchandise is available right now in the online Disney stores, I discovered that the Glove is being sold at a significant discount to the other items.  Most of the devices are going for $28+ while the Glove is being offered for $23+;  about $5 less!  That will just about cover the shipping.  By going through the Shop Parks app, you'll get your Annual Pass discount, if you have one of those.  A discount is also available for Disney Charge Cards, but only if you buy more than $50 worth of merchandise. 

No idea why the glove has been discounted nor how long that discount will last.  But this could be an opportunity to pick up one of those Gloves if you have been thinking about doing so.

More MWM light saber rumors

In my article, "News from Orlando, part 2 - Hollywood Studios" ,  I spectulated that one of the next, if not THE next, MWM item that will come out in the not too distant future would be a light saber.  Apparently, that's not too crazy of an idea.  A write up by Orlando Weekly covering the new Star Wars developments at Hollywood Studios recently had this to say:

"Some rumors now point to interactive lightsabers that use a technology similar to the ‘Glow with the Show’ items that are currently available in Disney Parks. Like the current items, including Mickey ears, the lightsabers will likely change colors in sync with the fireworks show. "

Now we just keep a few spare dollars hanging around and wait to see what develops. 

Making MWM codes more user-friendly

Over on the forum in the "Glow with *OUR* Show and MSP430G2553 discussion" thread, @jstorms has continued abstracting the MWM codes and giving them plain English equivalents to make them easier to work with.  Follow the link to see his most recent assignments.  For example:

green: 92 48 82 62 95

He then feeds the marked up files, with their corresponding timing marks, to a program that makes the substitutions and passes the output along to the device that converts the data to infrared signals.  The article about The Great Christmas Light Fight has more about his setup and links to his site where you may learn even more.

Newish Arduinos from Ladyada

Feather 32u4 AdaloggerFor anyone who has lugged an Arduino Uno, combined with a logger shield and 9V battery, to the Parks to do some recording, the newer Feather line of offerings from LadyAda should look mighty tempting.  In particular, I like the Adafruit Feather 32u4 Adalogger with it's integrated micro sd card drive and LiPo battery support.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these and see if it can handle recording of the MWM codes. 

Feather MO AdaloggerIf that proves too whimpy, they also offer an ARM cortex alternative: Adafruit Feather M0 Adalogger. That ought to do it.  However, I'm sure that unit will produce more heat and eat through the battery quicker.  Otherwise, I'd go straight to that item and see what I could do with it.  With the extra RAM lacking in the 32u4, it may be possible to combine the record and playback code in the same program.   That would make it easier to switch between the two modes.  Something to look into.  Kind of hard to believe, given the big difference in processing power and RAM, but the two units are roughly the same price!