Made with Magic goes around the world at Epcot

Submitted by khyizang on Thu, 01/14/2016 - 10:12
Location: Epcot, Florida
Type: Venue
Status: Active

Just back from a trip to the Orlando parks.  There were several new-ish MWM developments I wanted to explore while there.  As a bonus, the Osborne Family Lights were extended a couple more days and I managed to get in on the last two.  Quite an unexpected treat!

So here's what there is to report.

MWM Did, indeed, arrive at Epcot

Epcot cart with Made with Magic itemsA sight I don't remember seeing before - a cart full of Made With Magic items at Epcot!  The Disney Blog recently announced the arrival of MWM at Epcot and, clearly, it's true.  At present, the only official MWM support is said to be right around the World Showcase area.  And that's exactly where I started picking up the signal. 

The current MWM support isn't that ambitious.  The devices simply take on the representative colors of each country when entering the vicinity of their respective pavilions.  Coverage may be spotty within each country's area.  It seemed strongest and most reliable near the boundaries of each pavilion and less reliable in other areas.  In fact, none of the MWM devices in the Canadian kiosk were responding to the the Canadian colors.  The vendors explained that was a 'dead spot' for MWM reception.

Most of the codes collected include a D0 05 FF sequence, which would prevent devices from lapsing into stand-alone mode.  So occasional refreshing of the desired codes might be sufficient to keep the desired effect going and counteract the handiwork of those overzealous magic wand wielders. 

Here's what was caught and I hope I got the assignments close to correct:

Area colors code
Showcase Plaza alt yellow/orange 9E 26 0E 13 6E 58 F0 48 03 D1 41 02 05 D0 05 FF 8E
Canada pulsing red/white 9F 26 64 0E 9B 58 F0 48 04 D2 42 06 1B 64 D0 05 FF DB
United Kingdom alt cycle red/blue/white/blue 98 29 04 15 04 1C 04 D0 05 FF D7
9C 26 48 87 D1 0E FF FF D0 40 6A D0 05 FF 8F
France alt cycle blue/white/red 97 29 03 04 1C 15 D0 05 FF 2D
9C 26 48 87 D1 0E FF FF D0 40 40 D0 05 FF E4
Morocco right solid red/left alt red/green 97 29 03 15 15 19 D0 05 FF A0
9C 26 48 82 D0 0E FF 6C D0 12 06 D0 05 FF 54
Japan right white/lft alt white/red 96 29 02 1B 15 D0 05 FF 7E
9D 26 48 82 D0 0E FF 0E 9B D0 12 06 D0 05 FF D1
United States blue/white/red

97 29 03 04 1C 15 D0 05 FF 2D
9C 26 48 87 D1 0E FF FF D0 40 40 D0 05 FF E4

(9D 26 48 82 D0 0E 86 D0 32 EC D2 38 07 02 64 74)

Italy green/white/red 95 26 48 82 D0 0E 87 62
Germany yellow/black/red/black - looks like fading yellow/red 98 29 04 12 1D 15 1D D0 05 FF F1
98 26 48 83 D0 0E FF D0 42 16 CB
Outpost? green/orange/red 97 29 03 19 12 15 D0 05 FF 9E
9C 26 48 87 D1 0E FF FF D0 40 6A D0 05 FF 8F
China yellow/red 96 29 02 12 15 D0 05 FF 8D
9C 26 48 87 D1 0E FF FF D0 40 0A D0 05 FF 1F
Norway blue/white 96 29 02 1B 04 D0 05 FF C9
9C 26 48 87 D1 0E FF FF D0 40 0A D0 05 FF 1F
Mexico green/white/red 9C 26 48 87 D1 0E 87 87 D0 40 2A D0 05 FF D2

And now ... the rumors

Made With Magic support is usually associated with a Disney show.  Epcot has it's Illuminations show that runs in the lagoon that's surrounded by the Showcase that now has MWM capabilities.  The natural question that begs asking is - will Illuminations be getting MWM support in the near future?  What I heard from cast members is that they think there are, indeed, plans to do just that.  No timeframe was forth coming.  But it sure makes sense.  Let's hope it's true.

The other Epcot-related rumor that came out recently is that the Osborne Lights may be moved to Epcot.  A post on the Chip & Company site raised this possibility.  They point out that Epcot used to have a "Lights of Winter" show and that Osborne Lights may be moving to the same area that show used to occupy - between Future World and the World Showcase.  Interesting idea. Those guys freely admit this idea is nothing more than gossip at this point. But it's a ray of hope for those of us who don't want to see this go away.